What are suspension bushes?

Suspension bushes are crucial components in a car's suspension system. They act as cushions made of rubber, polyurethane, or other materials, providing a buffer between metal components. Their primary function is to absorb shocks from the road, reduce vibrations, and improve the ride quality of a vehicle.

Typically, suspension bushes are found at the joints of control arms, anti-roll bars, and other pivotal points in the suspension system. Over time, these bushes can wear out, leading to a reduction in handling performance and ride comfort. Symptoms of worn-out bushes might include knocking sounds, unstable steering, or a rough ride.

There are different types of suspension bushes available in the market:

Powerflex suspension bushes are made of high-grade polyurethane using advanced engineering processes. They offer improved performance over standard rubber bushes, without sacrificing in terms of comfort. They extend your tyre lifespan, boost vehicle performance, and enhance road safety.  You can fit them and forget them because unlike rubber bushes, they won't wear out. With extensive expertise in automotive suspension and chassis engineering, EPTG Ltd (European Polyurethane Technologies Group) has utilised sophisticated polyurethane production methods to create a comprehensive line of high-performance car suspension mounts and bushes. These UK manufactured, top-quality polyurethane products are globally recognised under the brand name Powerflex.

Why do car manufacturers prefer rubber over Powerflex's polyurethane? It boils down to cost, supply, and manufacturing. Polyurethane is roughly ten times pricier than rubber and takes longer to process. Manufacturers aim for rubber bushes to last a few years without issues, prioritising marketability over long-term performance.