Road Series bushes for the Subaru Impreza / Legacy / Forester / Outback

Suspension bushings are amongst the most stressed parts fitted to any Subaru. They not only have to deal with every vehicle bump and vibration they also suffer from engine heat, contamination on the road/from the vehicle and from a lack of lubrication. With age rubber bushes deteriorate, they may become dry and cracked and lose their noise/vibration absorbing properties, they often introduce unwanted flex into chassis system. 

Unlike rubber bushes, Powerflex polyurethane bushes do not deteriorate with age and are impervious to heat and contamination. You can fit and forget them because they won't wear out. Unlike older technology these cleverly engineered bushes can be 25-30% stiffer than standard but still employ the same noise absorbing properties of the traditional factory unit.

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