Powerflex Lifetime Warranty. 

Powerflex are proud to offer a Lifetime Warranty on the entire range of products they manufacture.

They have taken this decision because of the confidence that that they have both in their products and also in the way that they have handled any warranty issues in the past.

Powerflex have never had a time period based warranty policy because they have always treated issues that customers have had as an opportunity to learn.

Where a problem has occurred due to incorrect fitting, Powerflex have always asked themselves if the reason for the error was due to poor fitting instructions.

When Powerflex have had a part failure they have tried to understand if the part was being used outside of its design parameters, perhaps on a race car running slick tyres. In cases like this, they ask themselves if they should be offering a specific motorsport compound?

Like all manufacturing Powerflex have had the occasional material quality issue and in these cases have always replaced parts without question.

Powerflex Warranty Statement:

Powerflex have decided to formalise an open and honest policy and boast about it! 

They will replace any Powerflex product that any customer in the world is unhappy with for any reason.

The only conditions that Powerflex attach to this Warranty are:

What Powerflex ask in return is that anyone wanting replacement parts contacts directly and sends as much information as possible which will help to determine the reason for a problem.