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Lancer Evolution IV, V & VI RS/GSR (1996 - 2001)

  • PFR44-113 fits the EVO 4&5, for EVO 6 use PFR44-111
  • The front lower diff mount could be either 62mm (use PFF44-107) or 70.5mm (use PFF44-108
  • Engine and Transmission mounts ending 'R' are for Road use and are made using our softer Yellow 70A material. For competition and race use, please use the Purple 80A 'non-R' part numbers. Increased NVH should be expected when fitting the 'non-R' parts. 
  • PFF44-105(R) is used twice on the vehicle. It is used for the Upper Engine Mount as well as the Upper Gearbox Mount
  • PFR44-120 does not fit RS models and those without AYC
  • PFR44-420 fits RS models and those without AYC

Mitsubishi - Suspension bush diagram

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