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Polyurethane has been with us as a specialised plastic for some thirty years. However recent advances have now made it possible to engineer very special properties into this exciting material. Suspension bushes are some of the most highly stressed components fitted to a motor car. They undergo enormous strains and in the most arduous of conditions with no maintenance or lubrication.The material they are manufactured from is a rubber compound containing natural products which deteriorate with age. It becomes softer and more pliable, resisting the forces placed on it less and less. Therefore allowing more and more movement of suspension components and offering less and less control over the suspension geometry.
This in turn causes accelerated tyre wear, braking instability and poor handling. This is the single biggest reason you can instantly tell the difference driving a three year old car compared to a showroom new one. However even new cars will benefit from POWERFLEX bushes because of their superior design they offer much more effective control of the suspension components to a much greater extent than normal rubber items.
With the technological advances in this material it has been possible to overcome the common problem associated with harder bushes which is increased noise. By correctly engineering the polyurethane compound, bushes can be made 25-30% stiffer than new rubber items but with exactly the same noise absorbing properties. POWERFLEX bushes make sense. FITTING POWERFLEX BUSHES:

We sometimes receive comments that people feel they are not a competent enough mechanic to fit Powerflex parts and it is a job for professionals.

Our team work very hard to ensure our bushes are designed, in general, to be fitted by a home installer without the necessity for hydraulic presses and special tools.

However removal of the old parts is often more daunting than fitting of the new.



BLACK SERIES are the ultimate performance motorsport, track and race bushes offering the most precise and accurate alignment for your chassis. Black series bushes are:
The stiffer black series bushes are made from harder compound and are designed for motorsport use only. For road going cars we recommend choosing road series bushes. The part numbers are the same without the BLK suffix.

CASTER What is it? – Pretty much always positive on normal cars, it is the pivot angle described by the front suspension.

The tyre contact point is behind the theoretic pivot point. Like the contact point of a shopping trolley caster wheel is behind the pivot point.

What does it do? – Positive caster gives straight line steering stability and causes a self-centring action to the steering.

By increasing the caster on a road car we can improve the stability and improve cornering grip due to a further effect on most cars of the caster increasing the dynamic camber during cornering.


Put simply, negative camber is most popular on modern cars and is where the bottom of the wheel is further “out” than the top looking from ahead and compared in the vertical plane.

Older race cars ran positive camber to reduce steering effort and due to their narrow tyres it did not have the effect that it would on cars with modern wider tyres. Whilst we can think of no reason for needing positive camber now, reducing negative camber can be very important.

We manufacture a number of parts to allow camber to be modified on suspension systems where no modification is possible, and it is not always about increasing camber.

Increasing negative camber may be beneficial to improve front end grip and turn-in on a track biased car.

However it is not always about performance. Camber adjustment can be needed to correct an imbalance from side to side to reduce tyre wear, and lowering a vehicle can increase negative camber to the point of increasing tyre wear. (A very common problem on the VW Transporter, solved with these bushes)

We manufacture a huge range of parts for many different cars that allow camber adjustment or correction.

From camber bolts that allow adjustment on fixed McPherson strut suspension, to clever on-car adjustable bushes like these Alfa ones, developed to correct a common geometry issue. Or these Porsche bushes, adjustable to allow precise geometry tuning.

Don't forget our handy little magnetic camber gauge too.


New Product 

PFF85-1007 & PFF85-1009 front radius arm to chassis bushes, these bushes complement our existing range available for the VW T3.

Both bushes come complete with a wasted stainless steel sleeve to allow for more articulation, alloy cup to hold the bush in position and new washers.

PFF85-1009 for the Syncro models is designed to allow more articulation than PFF85-1007 which fits 2 wheel drive models.

New Vehicle Release 
Another very popular hot hatch kit released which fits the Vauxhall Corsa D which shares the same chassis as the Alfa Romeo Mito and the Fiat Punto Grande.

The bushes are designed to fit all the models including the VXR and Abarth models.

Parts we have developed include the new and unique Roto-ball design of the critical wishbone rear bush, This design which allows caster adjustment and builds in anti lift properties and an engine mount insert to reduce torque reaction.


New Product
PFF25-203 & PFF25-203G

Honda S2000 Front Lower Arm Rear Compliance Bush and Eccentric Caster Adjustment Kit

The front lower arm rear complaince bush on the S2000 is now a common bush to fail.  The rubber bonding fails causing a lot of geometry change as the bush allows too much movement.

With the introduction of PFF25-203 we have vastly improved the performance and reliability.

The design features a dual rate polyurethane ball operating in a polyurethane race encased in a zinc plated outer shell. The centre of the bush is stainless steel.

The principle advantage of this special design is that the radial compliance rate can be high and therefore geometry control is enhanced greatly. But with almost friction free operation as the suspension moves. Like a uniball but better.

In addition to the bush we have also manufactured an eccentric mounting kit PFF25-203G to go with the bush. The kit features a stainless steel eccentric centre location pin and a 10.8 spec. high tensile zinc plated mounting bolt. It is almost impossible to remove this bush without detroying the Honda eccentric part because it rusts into the bush, so this stainless steel kit solves that issue as well, and all for the same price as the Honda part.


New Vehicle Release
Volvo C30 (2006 on)
A range of suspension bushes to fit Volvos sporty small hatch model.


New Product
PFF85-704 Engine Mount Insert fits vehicles from the middle of 2008 in the VAG group using the PQ35 platform.

The insert fills the voids of the original bushes so limiting engine movement, improvements include more effective power delivery to the wheels and crisper more defined gear changes, along with less stress for the exhaust down pipe.

VAG changed the design of the voiding around the middle of 2008 for earlier cars our insert PFF85-504 will fit, please check the diagram to select the correct insert.

We have made the insert in 3 versions :-

PFF85-704 made in Yellow Shore A 70 and is suitable for fast road applications.

PFF85-704R made in Red Shore A 65, more suitable for diesel engines where using the fast road material can cause too much NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness).

PFF85-704P made in Purple Shore A 80 these are suitable for higher powered engines, track and competition cars, NVH will be more noticeable as the material is stiffer but will allow less movement.

Vehicles which use PFF85-704
Audi A3 MK2 8P (2003-)
Audi S3 MK2 8P (2006-)
Audi TT MK2 8J (2007-)

Seat Altea 5P (2004-)
Seat Leon Mk2 1P (2005-)
Seat Toledo Mk3 5P (2004-)

Skoda Octavia Mk2 1Z (2004-)

Volkswagen Eos 1F (2006-)
Volkswagen Golf Mk5 1K inc. GTI & R32 (2004-)
Volkswagen Golf Mk6 5K (2009-)
Volkswagen Golf Plus 5M (2004-)
Volkswagen Jetta, Bora, Vento Mk5 1K (2005-)
Volkswagen Passat CC 35 (2009-)
Volkswagen Passat Mk6 3C (2006-)
Volkswagen Scirocco Mk3 13 (2008-)
Volkswagen Tiguan 5N (2007-)
Volkswagen Touran 1T (2003-)


New Release

BMW 1 Series (2004-)

BMW 3 Series (2005-)

Powerflex release a full range of suspension, rear subframe and rear differential bushes for these top selling BMW models.

With marked improvments in handling, with the innovative designed suspension bushes, giving a positive feel and response, along with better power delivery when fitting the rear diff and subframe bushes.

New concepts and manafacturing processes have allowed us to design bushes which allow the suspension arms to articulate, where needed, giving free suspension movement.  


New Product
PFR36-411 Rear Differential Carrier Bracket Bush
Fits Mazda MX5 Mk3 and the RX8

New addition to the range, rear differential mounting bushes for the Mazda MX3 Mk3 and the RX8.

With these models being used for everything from drifting to drag racing, we have been asked by tuners all over the world for this.

The new part is easy to fit, without special tools, and includes stainless steel centre sleeve and plated mounting washers. 


Range Updated
Caterham Seven

We have recently updated our applications for the Caterham range of Sevens including DeDion with Watts linkage, DeDion without Watts linkage and the CSR model.

The bushes that we have designed for this unique vehicle are, in themselves, unique.

This car is one of the lightest and finest handling cars on the planet, with many owners spending thousands on spring/damper units trying to achieve perfect handling.

However we have always been concerned that whilst the dampers themselves feature 21st century technology the bushes are from a different era. The design of the factory bushes are an inner and outer steel tube with bonded rubber acting as the isolator. The problems that arise from this design are two-fold. The rubber bond breaks allowing the centre of the bush to float fore and aft, however if the bush is in good condition it acts like a spring. Multiply that spring effect by four on each corner and the fact that the spring rate changes as the bush gets older means that the damper does not have total control of the suspension.

Of course a spherical joint is the precision answer but not acceptable for the road.

This is why Powerflex have developed the frictionless bushes for this car. With the precision of a spherical and the performance of polyurethane. The bushes feature a frictionless PTFE lined bearing and polyurethane outer which doubles as a weather seal and vibration damper.

All bearing parts are manufactured in stainless steel/PTFE and like all of our products carry a life time warranty.

PF8-902 cut away showing bearing and special bolt.


New Release
BMW Mini Generation 2
PFF5-201 Front Wishbone Rear Bush
PFF5-206 Lower Engine Mount Small Bush
PFF5-207 Lower Engine Mount Large Bush Insert
PFR5-115 Rear Shock Top Mounting Bush

When the BMW Mini updated to the generation most of the suspension components were carried over. There are only very minor changes to the front lower arm rear bush. We have also produced a new bush and inserts for the lower engine mount.

A common problem with both the Generation 1 and 2 Mini is a knocking from the rear caused by the standard upper shock absorber bush failing, PFR5-115 is a polyurethane replacement which gives longer life as well as a more positive location. 


New Release
MG Rover ZT / 75

PFF63-608 Lower Engine Mount Small Bush
PFF63-609 Lower Engine Mount Large Bush

We have released a pair of replacement bushes for the lower engine mount on the MG ZT and Rover 75. With the increasing difficulty in sourcing these parts we expect these 2 items to be popular with current owners. By replacing the, by now very worn original, 2 bushes it will stop any problems caused by excessive engine movement, for instance cracking of the down pipe or stressing coolant hoses. 


New Release
Mazda3 2004-
Powerflex has released a full range of suspension bushes for the Mazda3 including the MPS models.


Product update

VW Polo 2002-2005
Seat Ibiza 2002-
Skoda Fabia 2002-2005

The old insert we used to supply has been discontinued and replaced with a complete bush, as the vehicles are getting older the original bush was having to be replaced before the insert could be fitted. The new complete bush is easier to fit than the original bush and makes massive improvements to the handling. 


Powerflex Exhaust Mounts
Working in conjunction with our raw material supplier we have formulated an innovative new material, which after months of testing, has proven to be ideal for Powerflex high temperature exhaust mountings.

             The range is the same
                      The design is the same
                              The price is the same
                                       The performance is improved
                                                The colour is new

Powerflex Exhaust mountings have been developed to give between 25 and 30% less movement under load. This is especially useful for modified or competition vehicles with aftermarket exhaust systems.

We describe these as universal mounts which are not designed for any specific vehicles. We have found that it is almost impossible to state that a particular aftermarket exhaust when fitted to a particular vehicle will require a specific mount. Therefore we list dimensions and use images to help you choose the ideal mount for your application. 


Peugeot 207

The first product we have produced for the popular Peugeot 207 range is an engine mount insert for the sportier petrol turbo engine models including the GTi, Rallye and RC models.

PFF50-509 Lower Rear Engine Mount Insert



Vauxhall / Opel
Corsa C (2000-2006)
Tigra Twin Top (2004-)

Powerflex suspension bushes are now available for the popular hot hatch Corsa C and the 2 seater Tigra


VW Transporter, Bus Caravelle, Kombi (1980-1992)
Additional parts have been added to the range

PFF85-1006 Front Arm-Upper Inner Bush, fits both the 2WD pressed arm and Syncro cast arm

PFF85-1008-19,21 & 23 Front Endlink Eyelet Bush, available in the 3 sizes

PFR85-1011 Rear Trailing Arm To Chassis Bush  


BMW X5 E53 1999 to 2006
Powerflex has introduced a range of bushes for the BMW X5

These include the rear subframe bushes PFR5-908, these replace the original bushes which are now failing. The failed bushes can cause a knocking from the rear of the vehicle  


Nissan PFR46-204G Rear Upper Arm Bush - Camber Adjust.

Vehicle applications;
180SX,200SX,240SX,Silvia - S13,S14,S15
Skyline GTS,GTt,GTR - R32,R33,R34
300ZX,Fairlady - Z32

This the latest product released from Powerflex adding to their Geometry Adjustment Components (GAC) range.
Full product details can be found on Bulletin PF-BL012

Powerflex has added a new range of bushes for the VAG group vehicles using the PQ35 platform vehicles.

Vehicles covered:-   
A3 MK2 8P (2003-)
S3 MK2 8P (2006-)
TT MK2 8J (2007-)
Altea 5P (2004-)
Leon Mk2 1P (2005-) 
Toledo Mk3 5P (2004-)
Octavia Mk2 1Z (2004-)

Eos 1F (2006-)
Golf Mk5 1K inc. GTI & R32 (2004-)
Golf Mk6 5K (2009-)
Golf Plus 5M (2004-)
Jetta, Bora, Vento Mk5 1K (2005-)
Passat CC 35 (2009-)
Passat Mk6 3C (2006-)
Scirocco Mk3 13 (2008-)
Tiguan 5N (2007-)
Touran 1T (2003-)


Subaru Impreza including WRX and STi models, chassis codes GH 10/07-on and GR 02/08-on.

Powerflex is proud to announce that we have developed a full range of suspension bushes for one of the worlds most iconic modern performance cars.


Whilst developing our range of Powerflex low compliance polyurethane bushes for the Impreza we have been working on a new range of Geometry Adjustable bushes to allow on-car adjustment of camber and caster on certain bushes as well as Anti Lift geometery where possible.

For the front of the Impreza the Front Arm Rear Bush PFF69-502G has revised ANTI-LIFT geometry and on-car CASTER adjustment  allowing +/- 0.33 degrees of adjustment. The rear bushes PFR69-510G & PFR69-511G has been engineered to give on-car CAMBER adjustment with a range of +/-1.0 degree.

All these bushes come with adjustment tools for ease of adjustment when carrying out alignment settings.