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Exhaust Mounts

Powerflex Exhaust Mounts are a great upgrade for any standard or aftermarket exhaust system. The special high temperature polyurethane hangers will help remove excess movement in the exhaust which can cause the exhaust to hit the car body, the road, and even result in cracking of the car's exhaust manifold. These exhaust mounts have been designed and developed using Red 65A durometer material. They are approx.15% stiffer than a rubber mount ensuring height and movement control of your exhaust system.

Unlike rubber mounts, our polyurethane will not deteriorate with age, and will not perish or break with weight so with some exhaust systems running into the thousands, these low-cost mounts are the perfect add-on for any exhaust install. 

Powerflex universal exhaust mounts and hangers, size guide

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