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3 SeriesPowerflex Suspension Bush

  • PFF5-5601GM3 gives an additional +0.5√Ǭ∞ Caster
  • PFR5-4610 & 4611 are complete replacement bushes, for inserts use PFR5-4612 & 4613 (inserts fit into the voiding of the original bush)
  • PFR5-4615G replaces the original arm and inner bush and allows on-car adjustment of camber. For a replacement bush only to fit in the original arm, please use PFR5-4616.
  • PFR5-5630-10 fits cars with standard or aftermarket rear shock absorber with a 10mm pin
  • PFR5-5630-12 fits cars with aftermarket rear shock absorbers with a 12mm pin. Neither fit Cabriolet models
  • PFF5-4650 does not fit X drive models. 
  • PFF5-4602-26 fits M3 non CSL models with 26mm Front Bar
  • PFF5-4602-27 fits Cabriolet models with 27mm Front Bar
  • PFF5-4602-30.8 fits CSL models with 30.8mm Front Bar
  • PFR5-4609-21.5 fits non-CSL M3 models with 21.5mm Rear Bar
  • PFR5-4609-22.5 fits CSL models with 22.5mm Rear Bar