Porsche 997 inc. Turbo, Powerflex Road Series, Polyurethane Bushes

Porsche 997 inc. Turbo 997 (2005-2012) Powerflex Suspension Bush
  • On some early 997 models (pre-2006) there is no support on the outside face of the link arm to hub bush. For these models use 4 x PFR57-508 for the link arm to hub bushes & 4 x PFR57-509 for the link arm to subframe bush. For hub carriers with support either side of the bush, use 8 x PFR57-509.
  • PFR57-508 fits 22mm width arms, for 19.5mm width arms please use PFR57-1508.
  • PFR57-531 fits 996 & 997 vehicles with the twin gearbox mounting bracket (OEM part number 99737503303) at the end of the gearbox, as fitted to all 3.6 & 3.8 Tiptronic models, Turbo models Manual & Tiptronic, GT2 & GT3.
  • PFR57-532 Fits manual with a single gearbox bush in the end casing except for Turbo GT2 & GT3 models. Does not fit Generation 2 997 models.
  • PFR57-533 Fits Gen 2 manual and PDK gearbox's with a single bush in the end casing except for Turbo GT2 & GT3 models which use PFR57-531. For Gen 1 models please use PFR57-532.